Checklist for Fall Home Improvement Projects in Maryland

The fall is the time of the year for many Maryland homeowners to complete the final projects or catch up on those things that were not completed in the summer. The “Honey Do” list may be much longer than you had originally thought, so we wanted to provide you with a comprehensive list of fall home improvement projects that you can knock out before the snow hits the ground this winter.

Start With Projects Outside of Your MD Home

Chances are the weather will hold up for a while, and you won’t be experiencing any freezing nights in Montgomery County any time in the near future. However, mother nature can play tricks on us from time to time, and we could get snow and ice a little sooner than we may expect.  For this reason, we suggest you start Montgomery County Maryland house in the fallyour home improvement projects outside while the weather is still nice.  Here is a list of 5 things you have probably neglected to do in the past several month, and where you should start your work.

  1.  Overseeding the lawn.  Fall and spring are the two best times of the year to work on the lawn. The fall gives the chance to repair and replace any damage that has taken place throughout the year. You can easily do this project on your own by visiting Home Depot or Lowes, or you could always opt to have a professional company come in to handle the project.
  2. Remove Shrubs – if you forgot to check on your landscaping outside your home, or failed to remove all the debris and leaves from your flower beds, the fall is a great time to do so.
  3. Clean the garage – the last thing you want to deal with when snow starts falling in Maryland is cleaning out a space in the garage and trying to find room to park the car or the truck.  Start with an industrial size trash bag, and start throwing away things that have piled up over the summer.  If you haven’t used that dirty cooler all summer, chances are you won’t pull it out in January.  Pitch it!
  4. Sealcoat The Driveway – the cooler temperatures are the perfect time to have your driveway repaired, replaced, or to add a fresh coat of asphalt to the top. Your driveway has dealt with the hottest summer we have had on record in Maryland for the month of August. At one point, we had more 21 days with temperatures exceeding 90 degrees.  Your driveway took the brunt of that heat, and the black asphalt likely cracked and sunk in certain areas.  Failing to have the work done now or sealcoating your driveway is going to cost you more in the long run.  Head out to the home improvement store and grab your materials, or find a local contractor that specializes in this type of work.
  5. Pressure wash the deck, siding, and exterior of your home – You can get a great pressure washer like this for under $150.  A pressure washer may be one of the best investments you can make, and you can use it on multiple projects around the home.  Instead of paying a company $300 to do the job for you, pressure wash your deck yourself and use your new toy to clean the walkway, concrete on your walk out basement, or use it to clean the mold off of your shutters and windows.  You will love what this machine can do for you, and you want to be sure to knock this project off before it gets too cold.

We hope you enjoyed this list of quick projects you can knock out before it gets too cold, and would love to hear what you think. If you have some other ideas you may have on late fall projects, please be sure to drop us a line.