The Dangers Of Drugged Driving

According to studies, drivers who are arrested for a DUI of marijuana have been found to be more susceptible to road accidents than their sober counterparts. It is illegal to smoke pot in most of the states in the US and the world in particular, and so is driving under the influence of cannabis.

The risk of getting involved in road accidents for people who are high on pot might not be as high as that of drunk driving, but it is two times as much as that of sober drivers. Around 6.8% of drivers aged under 35 years tested positive of the chemical THC, which is the chemical found in marijuana.

You Still Will Need A DUI Attorney To Handle A Drugged Driving Charge

However, unlike drunk driving, there has not been enough laws enacted to determine the levels of intoxication with marijuana other than some states like Florida that have introduced chemical testing for DUI. This is probably the reason driving under the influence of drugs like marijuana (even for medical or legal reasons) is forbidden in all States and attracts a penalty if one. Many states in the US have started to train law enforcers and the police on ways of detecting intoxication caused by marijuana. The strange thing about detection of marijuana is that it can still be detected in the body even for as much as 30 days from its last use. This makes it relatively easier to convict people who cause accidents while under the influence of marijuana since it can be detected in your system after four weeks. If you are facing a DUI case for driving while high, then you should call a lawyer today,

The common misconception from stoners is that they can drive better while high is untrue. This is mostly because intoxication from marijuana impairs your judgment and actions. Just like alcohol, only time will get you out of marijuana intoxication, and methods like drinking coffee, exercising or even eating a lot of food cannot help. Though it varies with different people, it generally takes around 3-4 hours to come down from a high.

A lot of energy has been put into curbing drunk driving, and as of late, similar efforts are being undertaken to control driving under the influence of pot. This is because marijuana affects our thinking patterns, judgment and our actions just like drunk driving. This can include driving at very high speeds, braking late, following other cars too closely, ignoring traffic signs and making unsafe turns.

Drunk Driving Lawyer or Drugged Driving Lawyer…Is There a Difference?

Weed is illegal in most parts of the world, but people still smoke it despite the strict regulations. Although weed has been legalized in some states/countries in the recent past including the capital of the US, Washington DC, legalizing driving under the influence of marijuana is still far from happening. Whether pot should or can be legalized in the whole world, it should be noted that allowing driving under its influence will make us take many steps backward in our quest to curb accidents due to DUI.

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI or for driving under the influence of drugs or narcotics in Washington DC, then you need to find the best DUI lawyer that specializes in this type of case.  Check Google maps for an attorney near you.